Thursday, May 31, 2007

A lot more of the same old same old

So it's the last day of May. An old friend from college is visiting the city and sleeping on my couch for the next few days. It's really great to see him, it really has been years, but I hate having house guests. It's terrible to say that, I think, but I'm such a homebody, and I love living alone, and suddenly having another body in your space is a little annoying. I did lots of cleaning in anticipation of his visit, but it's still not as clean as I would like. I should have mopped. But ugh, I hate mopping. And I was thinking about painting my bedroom this weekend, but now I can't, because I have to play host. On the bright side, check out what I bought for my bedroom once it gets a new coat of paint. I'm so excited!

In knitting news, I'm still kind of ignoring the Purple Cabled Cardigan. It's looking like we may be broken up for a few more weeks. I'm nearly finished with a Kittyville hat, but need to make the pompoms and attach the ears. I wanted a quick project, and this one was. I think I had the hat and the i-cords done in about 3 hours. Pics of finished stuff next time.

I'm thinking I might start the Garden Path Shawl next. I'm planning on giving it to my Mom for christmas, and it would be nice to finish it really early. And I'm planning to make a Clapotis for my Aunt, and assorted gifts for friends, so I feel like I need to get cracking.

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