Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Knitty, knitty

I was trolling on Etsy this morning and was looking at the site of one of my favorite new artists, ashleyg, and I stumbled across this wonderful print. How can you not love it? I might just have to buy it. I have another print of hers, which I adore, but this might make a great addition to my walls.

In knitting news, nothing goes well. Friday night I decided I had made too many mistakes on the Vogue Cabled Cardigan, and frogged it back down to the ribbing at the hem. I don't know what kind of crack I was smoking, but I hadn't noticed I was knitting on the #8's instead of the #10's. And I had missed the point where I was supposed to start reducing on the fronts, by like 2". So I ripped back for the second time, and began anew. This time around, it seems things are going as planned. Everything is looking good, I got my waist shaping decreases and increases in the right places, I started my front decreases in the right place, and when I go home tonight I get to start decreasing for the armholes. After working on it most of the weekend and a little last night, I'm back up to 16". I'm going to try to continue to work all three pieces at once, and see how it goes, but I know I'm going to have to re-work my notes to keep everything straight. I'll try to post a picture soon.

Ps, I saw the YarnHarlot speak at FIT last week, and yes, she was awesome!

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