Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bad Weather Sucks

My office mate Brian was supposed to leave this morning for a much deserved vacation in New Orleans. He was a good boy, and called the airline to check on the flight status, and they said everything was fine. Everyone was reporting no delays at the airport. So he leaves super early to get his 7am flight. Gets to the airport, boards his flight as scheduled, the plane leaves the gate and makes its way to the runway, where they sit. They are told they can't take off because of the freezing rain, and they can't go back to a gate, because all the gates are full of arriving flights that now can't leave. They sit on the runway for the next 5 hours. 5 hellacious, stir-crazy-inducing hours. Finally, they get to go back to the gate, where they are told that due to the nasty weather his flight has been cancelled, and since there's not another flight available on JetBlue until Sunday (and he was supposed to come back Monday night), he can't go. Is that not the worst?

In knitting related news, I've been relatively unproductive. I'm almost finished with the convertible mittens for my friend, just the right thumb left to finish, and weaving in the ends.

But last night I got sidetracked, and decided to rip apart an old cashmere sweater that had developed a few holes. I'm hoping to recycle the yarn for a hat or something. It's so fine that it's going to be a complete pain in the ass, but I didn't want to just throw cashmere away.

I also think I'm going to take apart the Blackberry from Knitty that I made last year. I never really liked how the arms turned out. The bobbles make them really bulky. I would like them to be a bit more sleek. So I'm going to re-knit them sans bobbles.

I also think I'm going to order some of the Quechua that Elann posted today. I really like the Cabled Cardigan pattern they're offering free with purchase. And I've had my eye on some Highland Chunky for the Cabled Cardigan (#19) from the Fall 06 Vogue Knitting (so beautifully done by cosmicpluto), so I think I'll finally pick some of that up too.

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