Thursday, February 22, 2007

In other excitements

As you can see in the picture, Mott and I had a visit from our little squirrel buddy over the weekend. There's a tree outside my bedroom window (not such a common thing in Brooklyn), and there are a few squirrels that live in/occasionally hang out in the tree. The squirrels are completely unafraid of Mott and me, and will occasionally sun themselves on my fire escape, or try to chew their way into my apartment by gnawing on the window sill. I think they're hilariously cute, but Mott usually freaks out and wants to eat them. His calmness in this picture is wholly uncharacteristic.

In other news, I cast on last night for the cabled cardigan (#19) from the Fall '06 Vogue Knitting. Last Wednesday I placed an order from Elann for some of their Peruvian Highland Chunky in Grape Heather, and it showed up on Tuesday. How awesome is that? I also got some of the Peruvian Quechua in Saxony Teal, and the Peruvian Baby Silk in Oxblood.

I also finally finished the little poncho for my friend Kate. Her shoulders are a lot more narrow than mine, so I couldn't model it, and the yarn is nearly white, it was difficult to photograph, so this is the best picture I could get. It's got yarn-overs down one shoulder, and it laces closed down the other shoulder.

I think she'll like it, and she should be able to wear it at least occasionally in San Diego.

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