Thursday, February 8, 2007

Gifts of Care

Well, the heat is finally back on in full. The office ended up closing at 1 on Monday, due to the cold. The past few days, the super claimed the boiler was up and working properly, but you sure couldn't feel it. If it wasn't for our trusty space heater, I'd have been seriously uncomfortable. As it was, my office mate Brian and I had to keep turning around to huddle around it like a tiny little bonfire.

In other news, my cousin's wife Kerry is not doing well, and is now in the hospital for a while. She is in her 7th month of pregnancy, and started hemorrhaging last Saturday, and has been ordered on long-term in-hospital bed rest. The baby's not due until mid-April, so she's facing 2+ months of purgatory. So to help her pass the time, I've put together a little care package. A few useful things like lotion and flip flops, a few fun thing like an assortment of nail polishes, a book of assorted puzzles and a digital solitaire game, and some warm hand knit slippers.

I used a pattern I found online at
Knitting Pattern Central, for the Stash-busters Slippers. They were super easy to make up. I used some Elann Peruvian Collection Highland Wool I had in my stash in Oxford Grey Heather and Eggplant, and start to finish they were done in less than 3 hours. Gave them a quick rinse, let them dry overnight, and now they are a great little keep-me-warm gift.

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